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Melbourne Polytechnic, Diploma Theatre Arts, 2016

Federation Bells community workshops, Nunawading, 2014

Karen Berger: TEACHING

2014 - 2022

Acting and Movement Tutor                                                         Department of Theatre Arts, Melbourne Polytechnic

            Including Stanislavski, Laban, Viewpoints, Meisner, neutral scenes, improvisation, animal studies. Responsible for planning, assessment and directing end-of-semester performances.


Guest Tutor, Voice workshop                                                         VCA 2nd year dance students


Playback Theatre Masterclass                                                        TEFO Drama Education Conference, Hong Kong


Guest Tutor, Voice and Devising                                                    Acting Studio, University of Melbourne Commercial


Music Tutor for Asylum Seekers Program, On-going choir       Women’s Circus


2005 – 2013 Melbourne

Voice and singing teacher, Departments of Theatre Arts & Music, Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE

                    Theatre: 1st years – modern monologue presentation, 2nd years – classical monologue presentation

                       Music: Led vocal group, assessed Performance Platform Class, private singing lessons


Performance Workshops for Musicians                                         Department of Music, NMIT


Teaching World Music in the Classroom                                       Faculty of Music, University of Melbourne


Singing World Music courses                                                          Centre for Adult Education; University of Melbourne Student Union


Drama & Music Training                                                                  Kankelay Sierra Leonean Choir; Lopit Sudanese Group


Drama & Music Workshops                                                              Teaching Artist, The Song Room, Remote N.T. schools


Commedia del’Arte Workshops                                                        National Theatre


Music workshops                                                                                Playback Theatre

2004 & 2005 Townsville

Guest Director                                                                                     Department of Theatre Arts, James Cook University

                  1st years – improvisation, 2nd years – Moliere. Responsible for planning and assessment.


2002 – 2004 Accra, Ghana

Acting tutor                                                                                          Department of Theatre Arts, University of Ghana

1st to 4th year students, covering movement and voice training, group work, improvisation, devising, and texts including African playwrights and Shakespeare. Supervised directing students. Responsible for course development, planning and assessment. Contributed to staff meetings and university colloquia. Participated in audition process. Proactive in supporting students.

2000 – 2001 Namibia

Coordinator                                                                                           Childline Schools Programme, Lifeline/Childline

Delivered age and region appropriate shows throughout Namibia. Conducted research, developed scripts, conducted monitoring and evaluation. Responsible for theatrical and musical direction. Drama and music classes for children. Theatre in education training for actors, teachers, peer educators and volunteers. Drama and singing workshops for community groups.

1994 – 2000 Melbourne

Singing and Percussion trainer                                                         The Women’s Circus


Voice workshops                                                                                  Melbourne University Student Union


Music tutor for Aboriginal student                                                   Victorian College of the Arts


Co-facilitated creative writing group, The Grinning Idiots

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