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This multi-award winning* solo show is a beautiful and deftly choreographed work that highlights deeply topical issues of global displacement, racism and raw human courage. Sophisticated projections are seamlessly woven with powerful, rhythmically charged storytelling to reveal the personal narratives that shape national identity. Multi-skilled performer David Joseph takes us on a masterful theatrical journey through his cultural heritage and the secrets that lie therein. The intriguing stories of his grandfathers and their ambiguous identities play out against his own search for a deeper understanding of meaning and place. Simultaneously intimate and wide-ranging, these are the stories that need to be told and David is just the person to tell them.



* Kahyrallah International Art Prize 2015, awarded by North Carolina State University for the best artistic expression of the Lebanese diasporic experience.

* Philip Parsons Prize 2017, awarded by the Australasian Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies Association for best Practice-as-Research project.

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