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David began teaching circus skills, performing arts and percussion with West Community Theatre Company in 1984 and has since taught in many other contexts including: Circus Oz (Deadly Elders Indigenous health program, main workshop leader for High Flying Teams corporate training program 2007 – 14; head trainer kids classes 2000 – 2004; head trainer and director community circus project in Newman, W.A. 2007; workshop coordinator Bouncing Back Tour for the Black Saturday bushfire communities 2009, ABAF Award Winner). He has been involved in 3 artist-in-schools projects and regularly works with the Festival for Healthy Living (Royal Children’s Hospital) including being lead artist on their highly successful Cartwheels project for communities affected by the Black Saturday fires. He was performing arts specialist teacher at Brunswick South West Primary School from 2006 - 2010. He has directed 100’s of whole school performances incorporating circus skills, dance, song, theatre and percussion. He is committed to arts in education and sharing the transformative energy of performing arts with young people.


Teaching reference: Annie Stephens, Circus Oz – 0420 956 167













Since 1985, when David began working with West Community Theatre Company, he has been involved in around 100 community theatre projects as either an artist, director or project co-ordinator. He has a clear understanding of community development principles and his passion for sharing the performing arts is matched by his knowledge and experience of performance as a healing agent for both individuals and communities alike. David has worked with disability groups, Indigenous communities, whole country towns, the elderly and young children, over weeks, months and years, developing life changing skills that lead to joyous and cathartic performance outcomes.


Community theatre reference: John Lane, Festival For Healthy Living – 0417 332 132

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